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Marula Jelly is routinely served with any type of venison, but it can be used with all types of meat.  It is delicious with cheese and biscuits or just on a slice of toast for breakfast.  It has a subtle flavour slightly reminiscent of honey.

Collect your marula fruit, wash them and cut or pierce the skins.  Place in a large pot and cover the fruit with water and boil for 60 minutes or more maintaining the level by keeping the lid on and topping up.  Tip: It’s good to include some green fruit as they contain more pectin.  Or buy pectin from the Chemist.  I recommend buying Pectin, else it might be too runny.

Strain the contents of the pot through a cloth (muslin or cheesecloth are good, but I guess any type of clean cloth would do) and retain the water/juice.

At this stage the juice looks just like fresh orange juice.

  • Wash out your pot, measure your juice and pour it back into the clean pot
  • Add white sugar – volume for volume i.e. : 1 cup juice – 1 cup sugar
  • Heat gently while stirring to melt the sugar
  • Add the juice of 1 lemon per litre of juice
  • Boil rapidly for about 40 minutes or more or until gelling temperature has been reached (check by placing a drop or two onto a cold saucer, allowing to cool and then pushing it with your finger to see if it wrinkles)  I found I needed to boil for another 30 mins as I had a large pot of juice.  Tip: Make sure you have enough space in the pot as the jam bubbles up very easily and you need to keep it bubbling (Lost at least 1 bottle to “overflow”)
  • Add Pectin if Gelling is not achieved
  • Bottle the jelly in sterilised bottles
  • Allow to cool, label and store in a cool place until opening
  • Store open bottles in the refrigerator
5kg of fruit made 8 small bottles of jelly .

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